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Graduate Degrees

Earn a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies degree in one of over 20 fields to gain critical insights and practical skills for success in your career or scholarly pursuits.

How Our Graduate Programs Work

Admissions: Earn Your Way In

Think you’re more than a test score or a ten-year-old undergraduate GPA? We do too. To get started (or earn your way in), you first confirm your initial eligibility, then you take courses with us first, completing two or three courses from the program curriculum and earning at least a grade of B in each to demonstrate your academic ability, then you apply. For details, visit the specific program page.

Attend Class Online and on Campus

You balance online study with a Harvard campus experience. You’ll be immersed in a rich academic community and have access to extensive resources.

Connect with the Harvard Community

While earning a degree, you can pursue special academic opportunities around the University and work closely with academic advisors to meet your goals.

Graduate Degree Programs

Browse our Program Finder to see graduate certificates, undergraduate degrees, and other programs.