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January & Spring Registration is Open. Learn how to register, and review the new bivalent COVID-19 booster requirement for on-campus presence.

HMX Online Courses

After completing the Premedical Program, you can register for Harvard Medical School’s online HMX courses at a discounted fee.

HMX courses—created by an interdisciplinary team of Harvard Medical School educators and professionals—bring foundational concepts in medicine to life via real-world, clinical applications. 

The five fully online, asynchronous courses cover physiology, immunology, genetics, biochemistry, and pharmacology. This same content is offered to incoming Harvard Medical School students to prepare for the rigorous first-year curriculum. Each course includes detailed animations and graphics, real patient cases, and ongoing assessments to ensure content mastery. You are eligible to earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School.

How to Enroll

After program completion, you can register for either an individual HMX course or a multiple-course bundle.

The discounted tuition cost is as follows:

  • $600 for an individual course
  • $800 for a two-course bundle
  • $1,225 for a three-course bundle
  • $1,600 for a four-course bundle
  • $1,850 for all five courses

You’ll receive an invitation to register for HMX courses during your final semester of the Premedical Program. For example, if you’ll complete in May, you’ll receive the invitation in April, which allows plenty of time to register for their summer offerings.

You’ll bypass the admission process because you’ll be preapproved to register. You can choose to enroll in one or two courses at a time or for all five at once.

The offer to enroll with the discount will be good for the summer session following Premedical Program completion up to and including the following March session.

We encourage you to visit the HMX website for more information about the courses and certificates offered.