Alex Cervone is a research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Prior to attending Harvard Extension School’s Premedical Program, he earned a BA in economics from Boston College in 2016.

What are your areas of interest and career goals?

I worked in various roles in investment banking and private equity for roughly five years before making the decision to pursue medicine. I spent some time working in an emergency department and a primary care practice. That motivated me to make the switch.

At the moment, I’m most interested in exploring emergency medicine and psychiatry. I would want my future career to combine my experiences in research and in the business world into an entrepreneurial effort that improves patient care or expands medicine in some way.

Why did you choose HES’ Premedical Program?

I primarily chose the Premedical Program at HES for its stellar reputation in supporting students both inside and outside of the classroom. To me, the most valuable aspect of the program is the wealth of extracurricular opportunities to which it can expose you. The classes are mainly held in the evenings. So students have the freedom to explore their interests during the day, whether in research, direct patient care, or volunteering.

What was most rewarding about your experience?

The sense of camaraderie among the students stands out to me as my favorite aspect of the program. The classes are not graded on a competitive curve, so students are encouraged to work together. I have made lifelong friendships through this program that will last long after my time at Harvard.

What experiences outside the classroom were most beneficial?

The program advisors are exceptional. They are familiar with the admissions process and are particularly helpful in suggesting ways to address weaknesses in your application and emphasize your existing strengths.

The weekly clinician chats are excellent opportunities to connect with physicians in the Boston area and gain exposure to the various paths in medicine one can take.