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Britt Stockton Lee

Clinical Simulation Faculty, MEDscience Simulation Lab, Harvard Medical School

  • Education

    MD/PhD, Tufts University

Britt Stockton Lee

Courses and Programs

Why do you teach at Harvard Extension School?

Because of my background in medicine, particularly surgery, I was approached to design an Anatomy & Physiology class that would appeal to students interested in becoming clinicians. Clinical A&P puts basic science concepts into context, incorporating clinical scenarios we can perform as “telemed” consultations in the Zoom format.

I teach at HES because — at least for now — teaching remotely has worked well for me and my adult learners who are also juggling other responsibilities that have unpredictable hours.

What is your background?

I am a former surgeon and also have a PhD in immunology. I have drawn on both of these areas extensively while designing my course.

I also completed the Master Gardener Program at Elm Bank and serve as president of my garden club. I love plants and conservation efforts to limit waste!

What types of collaborations have developed in your classes?

A number of my BIOS 65c-d have become volunteers at the HMS MEDscience program, where I am on staff as a teacher. MEDscience is a nonprofit that teaches students — many from low-income communities — how to problem-solve using clinical scenarios with a simulation mannequin.

My HES students seem hungry to give back and volunteer their time to help inspire students to pursue further education, and even careers, in STEM fields.