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Premedical Program Benefits

As a student admitted to the Premedical Program, you have access to the following benefits.

Individualized Advising

We’ll advise you on course selection, para- and extracurricular activities, and all aspects of your application portfolio, from MCAT/DAT timing to acquiring letters of recommendation. Specialized advising for pre-dental, pre-veterinary, and pre-PA students is available by appointment.

Application Assistance

As you prepare to apply for health professions programs, we offer a variety of workshops, individualized evaluations of your application essays, mock interview practice with feedback, and more. We continue to support students throughout their application journey.

Registration, Tuition, & Financial Aid

You may register for classes during the priority registration period — before the general registration period opens for all students.

As a premedical program candidate, you may be eligible for federal financial aid. And you may be able to enroll in an interest-free payment plan for fall, spring, and summer tuition.

In addition, you will pay Harvard Extension School tuition rates for Harvard Summer School courses — a significant cost savings.

New Student Orientation

We host an orientation at the start of the program, offering presentations by clinicians from Harvard Medical School (HMS), core Harvard Extension faculty, and a medical school admissions officer, as well as interactive sessions with fellow students.


Premedical and predental students may pursue sponsorship, which includes a composite letter of recommendation (also known as a committee letter) and a personal assessment of your application materials.

Clinical and Research Opportunities

We offer frequent and informal opportunities to interact with clinicians, giving you a chance to learn from and build connections with experts in various healthcare fields.

In addition, after one semester in the program, you will have the option to participate in research with a faculty member through our Faculty Aide Program if you meet eligibility criteria.

Career Services and Professional Development Workshops

You have access to Crimson Careers through the Mignone Center for Career Success, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University to schedule career advising appointments and conduct job and internship searches, including for research opportunities.

Additionally, the premedical program offers periodic workshops designed specifically for students entering the health professions. These workshops cover professional development topics such as communication, management strategies, and more.

Harvard University ID Card

You are eligible for a Harvard University photo ID card that grants you access to benefits like the Harvard and M2 shuttle services, Harvard libraries, and Harvard museums. University-wide policy requires you to pick up your ID card in person. Please visit the Announcements page on Campus Services’s website for pick-up locations and hours.

Microsoft Office

Your program benefits include access to Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint. You can access these tools at Select “Sign in”, then “Sign-in options”, “Sign in to an organization”, and finally input “” as the organization domain. From there, you will be prompted for your HarvardKey credentials.

If your HarvardKey login address is a non-Harvard email address, you must use <NetID> as your login address with your HarvardKey password. Don’t know your assigned NetID? Visit Find your NetID.

If you continue to have difficulties accessing O365, contact

Harvard Extension Alumni Association

Alumni can attend the many events sponsored by the Harvard Extension Alumni Association (HEAA). For information about upcoming events, see the HEAA website.

Harvard Alumni Association

Alumni of the Harvard Extension School also have access to the benefits of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). The HAA is the official alumni association of Harvard University, and it sponsors events, continuing education opportunities, and activities around the world. To find out more, visit the HAA website.

HMX Online Courses

After completing the program, you can get one year of discounted access to Harvard Medical School’s HMX online courses to help ensure a successful first year in medical school.