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Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate

Gain cutting-edge knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence to grow your career.

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  • Next Start Term: Fall 2024

    Registration Opens July 22

AI Certificate Overview

Looking to advance in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence? The AI Graduate Certificate is designed to equip individuals from diverse professional backgrounds with the cutting-edge knowledge needed to do so. Students will explore natural language processing and deep learning techniques and gain a comprehensive understanding of the ethical and legal considerations of AI.

Through your coursework, you will:

  • Build foundational knowledge in data science principles and data modeling critical for understanding AI technologies.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of machine learning and the specialized field of natural language processing (NLP), allowing the ability to analyze and model human language.
  • Build and understand complex neural network models by exploring deep learning techniques with a focus on computer vision applications.
  • Critically examine the ethical, legal, and societal impacts of AI.

Pre-Register for Fall 2024

Fall registration opens July 22 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time. Prepare early by:

  • Creating your MyDCE student account.
  • Completing the pre-registration steps.
  • Saving courses to your cart.

How to Pre-Register

AI Certificate Courses

Our artificial intelligence graduate certificate is designed to give you an interdisciplinary perspective of the field of AI. Your coursework covers topics such as machine learning, AI applications in healthcare, and the ethics and laws surrounding AI.

You take one course from each of the following categories to complete the certificate. Choose course from the AI certificate course search.

Foundations of AI

  • CSCI E-101 Foundations of Data Science and Engineering
  • CSCI E-106 Data Modeling
  • CSCI E-109A Introduction to Data Science

Advanced NLP and Machine Learning

  • CSCI E-82 Advanced Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence
  • CSCI E-87 Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare Applications
  • CSCI 89B Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • CSCI E-109B Advanced Topics in Data Science

Deep Learning and Computer Vision

  • CSCI E-25 Computer Vision
  • CSCI E-89 Deep Learning
  • CSCI E-104 Advanced Deep Learning

AI Ethics, Governance, and Law

  • CSCI E-184 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Governance, and Laws

Course Search & Registration

You can browse courses by term — fall, spring, or summer — in the DCE Course Search & Registration platform.

Earning Your Certificate

Most of our certificates can be completed online and no formal application process is required to pursue a certificate.

To meet the requirements of the Artificial Intelligence Certificate, you must:

  • Complete the four certificate courses for graduate credit.
  • Earn at least a B grade in each course.
  • Complete the courses within three years.

Learn more about pursuing a certificate and the process of requesting your certificate.

A Faculty of Artificial Intelligence Experts

Studying at Harvard Extension School means learning from the world's best. Our faculty are at the forefront of innovations in AI.

Career Outlook

Positions that specialize in AI and machine learning top the World Economic Forum’s list of jobs projected to grow the fastest over the next five years. Artificial intelligence is also projected to create around 97 million jobs in the field.

Upon completion of this graduate certificate, you may be qualified for jobs such as:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Researcher
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • AI Research Scientists
  • Business Intelligence Developers or Analysts

Career resources

As a certificate student, you have access to the Career and Academic Resource Center (CARC), where you can participate in online webinars on career planning and academic skills. CARC offers monthly call-in career counseling for all certificate students. You can also participate in our annual virtual Harvard Extension School Career Fair, held during the spring semester.

Stack Your Certificate Into a Degree

Stackable credential pathways allow you to earn multiple credentials by completing courses that meet overlapping requirements. In the short term, you can earn your certificate in artificial intelligence. Once completed, those four courses put you a third of the way toward earning a Master’s Degree in Data Science.

This stackable pathway offers an efficient, cost-effective way to earn short-term credentials to help fill immediate skill gaps and acquire specialized knowledge while building a foundation for long-term success that showcases your expertise in the field of AI and data science.

Learn how to plan a stackable credential pathway.


Affordability is core to our mission. When compared to our continuing education peers, it’s a fraction of the cost.

Our Tuition (2024–25 rate) $3,340 per course
Average Tuition of Peer Institutions $5,476 per course
Average Total Cost $13,360


How will this AI graduate certificate help me in my career?

This certificate can help professionals in fields such as software engineering, data analytics, and project management who are looking to specialize in or lead AI initiatives within their organizations. This certificate balances technical proficiency with an ethical understanding of AI, giving participants the tools they need to successfully use AI in their workplaces.

Earning a graduate certificate also signals to your current and future employers that you are passionate about continuing to learn and grow in your field.

What jobs will be in demand because of AI?

As organizations adopt AI technologies, there is a growing demand for AI-support roles. In particular, software and data engineers are needed. A 2022 report from McKinsey found that 39 percent of businesses reported hiring software engineers, and 35 percent hired data engineers for positions related to artificial intelligence.

Is a certificate in AI worth it?

A graduate certificate in artificial intelligence can provide you with the in-depth knowledge and skills in AI fundamentals necessary to enter into the field of AI and machine learning. For professionals who have experience in AI, a graduate certificate can deepen your understanding and enable you to have more technical conversations with and provide insights into AI’s possible applications in your organization and the requirements that go along with it.

Will this graduate certificate help prepare me for an AI certification?

The Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate is an academic credential focused on imparting theoretical knowledge and practical skills in artificial intelligence through a structured curriculum. It is different from an industry-specific certification, which is often more narrowly focused on particular tools or platforms. The AI graduate certificate equips students with a robust foundation and versatile skills, making them competitive in various roles within the field of AI.