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By registering for a course at the Extension School, you become eligible for many Harvard benefits and resources.

Computer and Research Tools

The computer facilities at 53 Church Street allow you to utilize hundreds of the latest programs and tools to get projects—large and small—done on time. See Computer and E-mail Services for more information.

Academic Assistance

The Writing Center is a great place to get assistance with your coursework, find answers to grammar questions, work on structuring an essay, and get feedback on a thesis.

You may also find our resources for building academic skills and Using Sources Effectively and Responsibly helpful. 

Also, check out the Math Question Center, available to students in a range of math classes.

If you need to request an academic accommodation, refer to Accessibility Services.

Harvard Extension Ready

Has it been a few years since you were in a classroom? Harvard Extension Ready is a series of free online lessons on core writing skills. In this free prep tool, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Refresh your writing skills

There are two options to sign up. If you already have a Harvard Key, simply sign in to enroll. If you are new to Harvard Extension School, create a Canvas account to get started.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) offers holistic support to students throughout their time at the Harvard Extension School. This includes providing programming designed to promote academic achievement, self-development, and overall socio-emotional wellbeing.

Course Materials

Each term, books are for sale at the Harvard Coop in Harvard Square, (617) 499-2000. Some instructors list course materials on course syllabi or websites.

Career Advice

Career services can help you strengthen your networking skills, improve your résumé and more.

Visiting Campus, Parking, and Transportation

We offer some tips for visiting campus if you are coming to campus for a short course or you plan to move to Boston to attend the Extension School.

Also learn more about transportation and parking.


You can take advantage of the many Harvard Chaplains on campus, representing 26 religions.

If you want to learn outside the classroom and in a social setting, attend lectures and events sponsored by the Harvard Extension Alumni Association, the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, and the Harvard Extension Student Association. From green marketing to Faustian irony and Shakespeare, these events and lectures are sure to enrich your learning experience and your life.

For other events around campus, see the Hub and the Harvard Gazette’s event calendar.