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In addition to the Career and Academic Resource Center’s academic skill building video archive and free live academic support webinars, the following study skills services are available to registered Harvard Extension School students.

Online Study Skills Tools

You can access the Career and Academic Resource Center site to take:

  1. Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) to obtain an assessment of your current study skills and habits.
  2. Becoming a Strategic Learner, a longer set of modules that teach you proven study skills techniques that can help ensure strong academic performance.

Both tools have been created after extensive research, development, and testing.

Harvard Extension Ready

Has it been a few years since you were in a classroom? Harvard Extension Ready is a series of free online lessons on core writing skills.

There are two options to sign up. If you already have a Harvard Key, simply sign in to enroll. If you are new to Harvard Extension School, create a Canvas account to get started.

Online Writing Resources

The Harvard College Writing Program provides a number of writing resources. Sources include HarvardWrites, where Harvard faculty talk about academic writing, handouts on various aspects of the essay writing process (e.g., developing a thesis, tips on grammar, conclusions), and discipline-specific writing guides (e.g., brief guide to writing the history paper, brief guide to writing the psychology paper, and a guide to philosophical writing).

Also see the Harvard Extension School Writing Centeracademic integrity policies, and using sources effectively and responsibly.


Writing and math tutors are available for local and distance students through the Writing Center and Math Question Center. For other subjects and for a fee, you can contact Harvard Student Agencies.

We also recommend contacting your teaching fellow or instructor and consider forming a study group. 

Degree Candidate and Premedical Program Coaching and Tutoring Resources

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) at Harvard University provides subject-matter tutoring and individual academic coaching, via both Zoom and also in-person appointments, to a limited number of degree candidates and Premedical Program participants on a referral basis. Talk to your academic advisor.

Coaching: You can explore potential difficulties and blocks to your learning with an academic coach. This can be particularly helpful if you are having trouble with executive function and self-regulation skills, including focus and concentration, time management, or perfectionism.

Tutoring: You can be matched with a Harvard College student to support your basic economics, foreign language, math, and science learning. Maximum tutoring hours per week is four hours.

For more information, please review the ARC Information and Referral Form.