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Computer and Email Accounts

Once you’ve registered for courses and claimed your HarvardKey, you can activate a Google Workspace account and Harvard Gmail address for use during the term. To get started, follow the instructions on how to activate your Google Workspace account.  

Harvard Google and email accounts are optional and remain active for the current term as long as you remain registered in at least one course. Accounts for active degree candidates and premedical program participants remain active for the duration of the program. After a 40-day grace period, accounts are closed unless you have already registered for a course in the next term.

The use of University resources is provided primarily for Harvard’s teaching and research missions. DCE prohibits the use of Harvard computers or networks for business-related purposes. Students may not use or identify their own or any other Harvard email address or Harvard website in connection with any business enterprise, nor may they use Harvard-provided computer or networking resources or in any way that suggests Harvard or Harvard Extension School endorses a business or organization.

Tips on Managing Your Harvard Google and Email Accounts

  • Your Harvard Gmail address will be in the format You may not change your Gmail address.
  • Your Harvard Gmail address will replace your HarvardKey Login Name if you previously claimed a HarvardKey using an email address with a non-Harvard domain.
    • Example: will be replaced with The HarvardKey Login Name does not need to be a working email address.
  • Your Harvard Gmail address will not automatically appear in your MyDCE account. We recommend you add it as an alternate email in your MyDCE account instead of replacing your existing student email address to avoid disruption in communication after the term ends.
  • Your Harvard Google account has a storage limit of 25GB. Storage limits are not eligible for increase.
  • You will receive an email from HUIT ahead of your account closure. Your Harvard Google and email account is not eligible for extension. However, your Harvard Gmail address can be reactivated after a future course registration. 

Technical Support 

DCE Online Support 

If you need help addressing issues with video and web-conference courses, or with computer/software troubleshooting, contact the Online Support Office at (617) 998-8571 Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. All times are Eastern Time. You can also send an email message to which will create a ticket.

53 Church Street Computer Facility

Claiming your HarvardKey provides you with a Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) computer account for use at FAS computer labs on campus.

The 53 Church Street Computer Facility also provides technical support for the Extension School community. The computer labs at the 53 Church Street Computer Facility offer a wide variety of computer resources and free printing to registered students. 

The facility is open and staffed by support consultants 100 hours per week. Check the Computer Facility schedule for detailed hours or call (617) 495-5485.

HUIT Support Center

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is a primary provider of IT services to the Harvard community. 

For computer support via phone or email, please contact HUIT at (617) 495-7777 or email

For in-person assistance or one-to-one personal computer support, please visit the HUIT Walk-In Support Center in the basement of the Science Center or schedule an appointment

Check the HUIT Support Center hours.

HUIT also provides information on academic pricing available to members of the Harvard community for computer product purchases. See Computers and Software on the HUIT help portal for detailed information.