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You can transfer a total of 64 credits toward your bachelor’s degree.

General Transfer Guidelines

College-level, undergraduate courses that are comparable in content to those offered in the ALB degree course catalog and in which students earned grades of C or higher are generally transferable. Additionally, these courses must have been completed at an institution that was regionally accredited at the time of attendance. Credits are adjusted as needed to align with Harvard’s semester system.

We accept a maximum of 8 studio arts credits (e.g., music, art, dance) and do not accept vocational or paraprofessional coursework. We do not offer credit for life experience or most military training.

Harvard Extension School advisors make final determinations about course transferability.

How Transfer Courses Apply to Degree Requirements

Transferred courses are applied by advisors toward the total number of credits needed for graduation and may fulfill specific degree requirements, such as distribution, foreign language, or upper-level requirements.

Transferred courses cannot be used to meet our admission requirements. Grades from transferred courses are not included in your cumulative GPA at Harvard Extension School.

Credit by Examination

We accept a maximum of 16 credits, combined, for coursework completed by an examination, such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or professional training approved by the American Council on Education (ACE).

For each CLEP exam, students are awarded 4 credits. We do not accept all CLEP exams, so check with an advisor before registering for one. The minimum acceptable score is 56.

Harvard Extension School does not accept all ACE-approved credit. Our advisors review ACE course descriptions and make final determinations.

Credit from Foreign Schools

Students who attended colleges or universities outside the United States must supply us with an official course-by-course evaluation of academic work to enable our advisors to determine credit transferability. For more information, see Verification of International Credentials.

Transfer Credit Estimates for Prospective ALB Degree Candidates

Prospective undergraduate degree candidates who wish to know how much of their past college credit might transfer to their Harvard Extension School program can use our Transfer Credit Estimate Tool.

This resource offers detailed information and answers many questions about transfer credit. For further assistance, email the Office of Predegree Advising & Admissions at

Advisors complete an official transfer credit evaluation for each student only as part of the application process.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Students

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members should contact the Office of Predegree Advising & Admissions to discuss the transferability of their earned undergraduate credits to our undergraduate ALB degree program and to find out if they’re eligible for our PTK Scholarship. You can also learn more on our financial aid page.


The Undergraduate Degree Transfer Credit Estimate tool described above will answer most questions for prospective ALB degree candidates. Contact the Office of Predegree Advising & Admissions with other questions by emailing them to

ALB degree candidates who have questions about transfer credit may directly contact their academic advisors.