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Similar to how professors post times when students can stop by their offices and ask questions, the Office of Predegree Advising & Admissions also reserves time for students to show up without an appointment and ask questions—but virtually! 

What are virtual office hours?

Our virtual office hours offer a casual space for students who are interested in pursuing a degree to ask a predegree & admissions advisor questions and hear what other students wonder about. Advisors present a short overview of the program at the beginning of the hour, but it’s mainly a time for Q&A, with a focus on your Qs.

Because these office hours are online through Zoom, you participate where it’s convenient for you to connect. Join any time within the scheduled hour and stay as long as you’d like.

We look forward to chatting with you in an upcoming session!

Enthusiastic toddlers, attention-seeking pets, and sulking teens are expected to unexpectedly join you.

How do I participate? 

  1. Select your program of interest below. 
  2. Find the time and date of the next office hour session. 
  3. Fill out the linked form to join the session. 

How should I prepare? 

If you have a physical limitation that necessitates live captioning, please contact the Office of Predegree Advising & Admissions at in advance of the virtual office hours you expect to attend so that we may arrange for a timely accommodation.

Select your program of interest: