Why did you decide to earn a degree at Harvard Extension School?

I was excited about the opportunity of learning about the nonprofit sector in the United States, which is very developed compared to Argentina. I wanted to learn tools to make a contribution to the common good and have a more significant impact on social change.

I also hoped to be inspired by professionals working toward the common good. I wanted to learn how they affect the lives of those who need help the most.

I come from a developing country, and there is a lot that we can learn and improve. I have a passion for improving the well-being of the poor. And earning this degree helped me improve my management skills to make the world a better place.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your time at Harvard Extension?

The most rewarding part of my experience was the student life and connection to professors. I also enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in projects outside classroom.

What was the experience of online courses like for you?

Some of the best online courses I took were ones that required group interactions and group projects. In those courses, I felt connected to the classroom and peers even though everyone is spread all over the world.

Define your Harvard Extension experience in one word.