Tom Holland is pursuing a Topics in Human Behavior Graduate Certificate. Learn why he enrolled at Harvard Extension School (HES) and how the experience impacted him.

I have been in the fitness industry for over three decades now: as the author of numerous books, a consultant, a spokesperson, as a fitness expert in legal proceedings, the host of the iHeartRadio podcast Fitness Disrupted and more. I am constantly striving to learn as much as I can in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and motivation to set myself apart within the field while best serving the companies and clients with whom I work. 

I have a master’s degree in exercise science and sport psychology, and I wanted to continue my studies in human behavior through the different lenses of psychology, especially evolutionary and neuropsychology. I specifically wanted to obtain a deeper understanding of the concepts of motivation, resilience, and the stress response. The Topics in Human Behavior Certificate was the perfect fit, both content-wise as well as fitting seamlessly into my busy schedule.

My experience at Harvard Extension School (HES) has far exceeded my expectations. My professors have been extraordinary and the coursework rich and engaging. Taking classes such as Brain and Behavior in the ExtremesMotivation, and Stress, Coping, and Resilience was exactly what I was looking for. I have made my passion my vocation, and HES was the perfect program at the perfect time.

HES has also had a tremendously positive impact on both my professional career as well as my personal life. I have incorporated my newfound knowledge into numerous areas including my podcast, writing, and even during my competing in endurance events, including a recent 46-mile run across the Grand Canyon and back!

I highly recommend HES. To have access to such amazing professors and thought-provoking course content has truly been a gift.