​​How has your HES journey changed or shaped you?

Attending Harvard has changed my story in so many indescribable ways — and in ways yet to materialize, I’m sure.

I feel more confident in my ability to express my unique analysis of literature and to be a voice in a larger academic conversation. Each class encouraged excellence and challenged me to learn and grow in skill, as well as tenacity.

My experience at Harvard gave me the confidence to continue my academic journey in pursuit of a PhD and advance my career as an educator.

Mostly however, my time at Harvard awakened a passion for the written word and the unending collective human experience embedded within the power of literature.

If you completed a capstone or thesis, describe what you did and the impact it had.

I had a wonderful experience through the Capstone project. The professor challenged us with humor and grace, and expanded my understanding of what it means to be a true scholar of literature.

Invaluable to my success was collaboration — both in and out of class — with students of the highest caliber and the consistent support of the whole HES community.

What’s something unexpected that you learned about Harvard?

Harvard is the most enjoyable learning environment that I have ever experienced.

Yes, the rigor is there and it is very hard, but the supportive culture makes it so special.

What are you going to miss the most?

I will miss reading amazing literature through the guidance of brilliant professors and the collaboration with classmates.

Describe your Extension experience in one word