How has your HES experience helped you throughout your career journey? How do you expect it to impact your next steps? 

Enrolling in my first Information Technology course at the Harvard Extension School in the fall of 2020 marked a pivotal moment in my life.

During the global pandemic, I yearned for a shift in my business systems analysis career to cybersecurity, a field that intrigued me for its diverse challenges and multifaceted career options. The cybersecurity certificate equipped me with indispensable skills and a robust knowledge base that enabled a successful pivot in my career towards cybersecurity risk management within my organization.

My courses at Harvard instilled in me the confidence to differentiate myself — and they undeniably did; I found myself working in the cybersecurity field even before completing my certificate!

As I continue in my master’s in systems engineering studies, I am confident that my career in cybersecurity will continue to grow and benefit from being instructed by industry-leading educators. The enriching experience of learning alongside supportive and humble classmates has also been an added benefit and source of motivation.

In my perspective, the inclusive and diverse learning environment at the Harvard Extension School genuinely represents a community of global scholars. This is a community eager to lend a helping hand and continuously strives to foster a better world.

As I look toward the future, I see this profound experience positively impacting my career journey, shaping my problem-solving skills, and broadening my horizons. This dynamic and innovative environment encourages continuous learning, a trait I intend to carry throughout my career. The global connections and friendships formed during my time at HES will also undoubtedly be influential in my future endeavors.

What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned about Harvard?

While Harvard remains steeped in tradition as a renowned academic establishment, it consistently exhibits a commitment to innovation in its curriculum, including at the Harvard Extension School.

The breadth and depth of courses in our catalog are regularly updated, with the Extension School demonstrating a considerable responsiveness to student feedback for course and program enhancements.

Additionally, the Extension School cultivates an inclusive academic atmosphere, by formally welcoming students into the broader Harvard community. My memorable experience at the Convocation ceremony in the fall of 2022 allowed me the pleasure of interacting with numerous fellow students and faculty members.

Describe your Extension experience in one word.

If I were to encapsulate my Extension School experience in one word, it would be “Innovative.” I am privileged to be associated with such a dynamic, forward-thinking educational institution that has not only pioneered distance education but also persistently strives to refine its robust foundation.