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The Administrative Board for University Extension ordinarily meets monthly during the academic year to consider cases involving breaches of academic integrity, misuse of computer facilities, submission of fraudulent information, and poor or inappropriate conduct, as well as cases of students who are inadequately prepared for their courses, neglect coursework, or behave irresponsibly and recklessly while enrolled in the Extension School, including online courses, and on University property. The Board may, after considering the seriousness of a case, take any action it deems appropriate.

The range of sanctions include, but are not limited to, formal admonishment; probation; the revocation of a student’s right of access to University facilities or buildings; suspension of a student’s registration privileges for a specific or indefinite period; and mandatory required to withdrawal (RQ) from courses, the Extension School, or a degree, certificate, or premedical program. Students who are sanctioned may be ineligible for admission or re-admission to a degree program or degree program option; scholarships, and induction into honor societies. Academic transcripts may include notations of disciplinary sanctions. 

Students who are required to withdraw from courses are not issued tuition refunds. The cases of students who are formally sanctioned by the Administrative Board may be referred to the Harvard Summer School Administrative Board for further review and action; similarly, cases reviewed by the Summer School Administrative Board may be referred to the Extension School Administrative Board.