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Research projects in which students, staff, faculty or other members of our community are invited to participate as subjects, whether for survey or other types of scholarly research, must be approved in advance by Academic Services and in most cases, the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research

The Extension School ensures that members of our community are not subject to research procedures that are inappropriate, require excessive time commitments, interfere with the educational process, or violate Extension School and University policies. For more information, researchers should contact Academic Services with a formal written request no later than two months before they plan to begin their research.

Third parties requesting demographic or other statistical data on the Harvard Extension School must also submit a formal request to Academic Services stating (1) the exact data needed*, (2) the reason for the request, (3) the specific plans for the use of the data, including a limited timeframe for use, and (4) plans for maintaining the security of any released data. Only those seeking information for legitimate academic research should initiate requests.

*Parities will be limited to one request and cannot submit multiple or follow-up requests.