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Student ID and Login Information

Knowing what online resources are available to you and how to access them is an important part of being a successful student. To help protect your student information, please remember to keep all your ID numbers and passwords confidential.

As a Harvard Extension School student, you have two identification (ID) numbers and one or more associated login credentials:

DCE ID Number and DCEKey

Your DCE ID number uniquely identifies you within the Division of Continuing Education (DCE). It begins with the “@” symbol and is assigned to you the first time you create a MyDCE account. 

Your DCEKey allows you initial access to DCE online applications, including MyDCE. If you are new to Harvard and do not have a HarvardKey, you can create a DCEKey by selecting “create a DCEKey” on the DCE login portal.

Where Can I Find My DCE ID Number?

Your DCE ID is displayed on your MyDCE dashboard.

Where Can I Find My DCEKey?

Your DCEKey is the email address and password you provided when you first created your MyDCE or former online services account or applied to a Harvard Extension or Summer School selective admissions program. If you do not remember your DCEKey password, you may reset it through the DCE login portal

I already have a HarvardKey. Do I need to create a DCEKey?

If you already have a HarvardKey, you do not need to create a DCEKey. You may log in to DCE online applications using your HarvardKey.

Harvard ID Number and HarvardKey

Your Harvard University ID number (HUID) uniquely identifies you within Harvard University and is issued one to two business days after your course registration. Use your HUID to claim your HarvardKey at

HarvardKey is Harvard’s unified online user credential. Your HarvardKey uniquely identifies you to Harvard IT applications and services such as:

  • MyDCE portal
  • Canvas course websites
  • Harvard student Zoom accounts
  • Harvard computer and email accounts
  • Harvard library e-resources
  • MessageMe, the Harvard emergency text notification system

Where Can I Find My HUID?

Your HUID is displayed on your MyDCE dashboard.

Where Can I Find My HarvardKey?

If you do not remember your HarvardKey username or password, please visit for assistance.

I already have a HarvardKey. Do I need to create a new one?

If you already have a HarvardKey, you do not need to claim a new one.

Two-Step Verification

As part of claiming your HarvardKey, you will also set up two-step verification. Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Harvard account and is required to access HarvardKey-protected resources and applications. With two-step verification, you verify your HarvardKey logins with a device in your possession (generally a mobile phone). For more information on the steps and requirements for using two-step verification, please visit the Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) website.