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After registering for courses, you may wish to make changes to your course schedule. Review the following deadlines and policies before making changes.

Course Changes 

Once registration opens, you may add courses, change credit status, and drop or withdraw from courses by logging into the new DCE Course Search and Registation platform.

Once registration ends, only registered students may continue to make course changes, including course adds, up to the course change and withdrawal deadlines listed below and in the academic calendar. New registration is not permitted after registration ends.

How To Change Your Credit Status 

You may change your credit status in registered courses through the credit status change deadline. If you are currently waitlisted, you must wait to change your credit status until you are moved off the waitlist.

  • Log into the DCE Course Search and Registration tool.
  • Select the desired course from your primary cart.
  • Click the “Edit Registration Options” button in the registration notes.
  • Update your desired credit status if available, and click “Save Changes.”
  • Click “Submit Schedule” then “Submit Registration” to complete your credit status change.
  • Return to your primary cart and select your course again. Your new credit status will appear in the registration notes. You may also review your course schedule in MyDCE to confirm your credit status change.

How To Drop or Withdraw From a Course 

To drop or withdraw from a course:

  • Log into the DCE Course Search and Registration tool.
  • From the search panel, select the appropriate term and click the “Primary Cart” button.
  • The cart contents panel will appear. Select the course you want to drop or withdraw from.
  • The course details panel will appear. Click the “Drop/Withdraw” button located under the “Registration Notes” section.
  • The cart contents panel will appear, and you’ll see a red dash next to the course you want to drop. Click “Submit Schedule.”
  • The registration panel will appear. Click “Submit Registration” to finalize your drop.
  • Pay close attention to deadlines to determine if you are dropping or withdrawing from your course.
  • The registration results panel will appear confirming whether your transaction was successful or not.
  • Note: Dropped courses automatically disappear from your cart.

Course Change and Withdrawal Deadlines

The following are dates by which these changes must be submitted online or received at 51 Brattle Street:

Course Adds and Credit Status Changes

Registered students only during fall and spring course change period

Fall TermSeptember 10, 2024
January SessionJanuary 6, 2025
Spring TermFebruary 3, 2025


Refund TypeFall TermJanuary SessionSpring Term
Full tuition refund, course dropped from recordsSeptember 10, 2024January 6, 2025February 3, 2025
Half tuition refund, course dropped from recordSeptember 17, 2024n/aFebruary 10, 2025


You cannot receive a tuition refund when you withdraw.

Withdrawals are not allowed after the below deadlines have passed. If you miss the deadline, the course remains on record and a final grade will be assigned to students registered for credit.

Final grade assigned after withdrawal:

  • For credit: WD
  • Non-credit: WN
Fall TermNovember 22, 2024
January SessionJanuary 17, 2025
Spring TermApril 18, 2025

*Deadlines may differ for courses that do not follow the full academic calendar. If so, they are noted in course descriptions.

Course Change and Withdrawal Policies

  • You are responsible for confirming all course changes you make by checking your course registration and schedule in MyDCE. Notify the Registrar’s Office of errors immediately.
  • You are expected to attend or participate online and do all coursework from the day classes begin. Late work may be submitted only with instructor approval and according to instructor policies. Adding or changing courses after registration ends does not warrant an exception to those policies.
  • Stopping payment on checks or credit cards is not a valid method of dropping or withdrawing from courses.
  • You may be assigned a failing grade in a course if you are enrolled for credit, you do not withdraw by the withdrawal deadline, and you do not complete all course requirements.
  • If you are a current or prospective Extension degree candidate or premedical program participant, keep in mind that withdrawal (WD) and failing grades are included in your GPA and can affect your academic standing or eligibility for admission. Review information online about the program that interests you, and call or write Enrollment Services with questions. 
  • You will lose access to course materials within 24 hours of withdrawal from a course.

Unable To Make Changes Online?

If you cannot make your course registration changes online, contact the Registrar’s Office at for assistance.