Additionally, we’ve updated the format of the joint program to offer the opportunity for a broader student population to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a shortened time frame. Several programs have also added new capstone tracks.

Redesigned course catalog

In conjunction with our 2018–19 courses, we launched our newly redesigned course catalog. With improvements in speed and performance, our new search tool allows you to quickly find courses that meet your goals and fit within your schedule. Whether you are a general course taker, a certificate seeker, or a degree candidate, you can now find the tools you need all in one place. As you browse courses, please share your feedback so you can help us continue to improve your course search experience.

New graduate fields of study

Development Practice

This new field of study equips you with the knowledge and skills to address multidimensional challenges of sustainable development: climate change, extreme poverty, gender inequality, and access to clean water and sanitation. This program meets the standards of core development practice competencies as defined by the Global Association of Masters’ in Development Practice at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. With this new field of study, we’re joining an international community of learners focused on solving some of the greatest problems facing the world with sustainable practices. 

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Data Science

In this field of study, you will develop the skills to analyze, discover, and innovate in a data-rich world and gain hands-on experience conducting interdisciplinary data science research. This program offers the option for independent study with a faculty member or a team-based capstone where students work on a data science research project in collaboration with industry, government, or academic partners.

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An accelerated path to earning a bachelor’s and a master’s

Our Joint Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Program has been reformatted to offer candidates in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program the opportunity to also earn their master’s at Harvard Extension School in a shortened time frame.

This opportunity is available to admitted undergraduate degree candidates who complete at least 96 credits and have exhibited dedication to their field of interest with five years of work experience. Students can now petition to join the Joint Degree Program after they fulfill these requirements.

Once accepted to the program, students complete four graduate-level courses that count toward both the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and a Master of Liberal Arts in any field of study we currently offer.

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New capstone tracks for select degree fields

Capstone tracks allow students to hone in on a specific issue in their field, solving real-world problems using the knowledge and skills gained at Harvard Extension. Capstone courses offer students the unique opportunity to develop their projects under advisement of a Harvard instructor, while capstone independent projects provide an autonomous, student-directed experience. 

The following Master of Liberal Arts programs have new or updated capstone tracks. Visit the degree requirements page to learn more about this new option.