Harvard Business School Online is Harvard Business School’s online digital education initiative focused on providing immersive case-based online learning experiences. Harvard Extension School is Harvard University’s continuing education school providing part-time learners with affordable access to Harvard courses, certificates, and degrees.

CORe is an online offering that allows college students and early career professionals, to learn the fundamentals of business on a highly engaging and interactive platform designed by Harvard Business School (HBS) faculty. CORe consists of three critical business topics—Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting—with a total learning time of about 150 hours over the duration of the program. More than 5,000 participants have enrolled in CORe since it was first launched in June 2014.

Starting in January 2016, students will have the opportunity to earn 8 undergraduate credits for CORe from Harvard Extension School. College students from any US institution can check with their academic advisor to see if CORe would be accepted as transfer credit toward their degree. If so, students have the opportunity to learn from HBS faculty and earn credit as part of their course of study.

We are thrilled to be able to add this Harvard Business School Online course taught by Harvard Business School faculty to our growing Harvard Extension School curriculum of 700 courses.

Huntington Lambert, Dean of Continuing Education, Harvard University

CORe for credit. The credit option will be offered on a schedule coinciding with the traditional academic semesters, making it easier for college students to fit CORe into their current institution’s course of study and to use financial aid. Applications are currently being accepted for the 12-week credit option cohort of CORe that begins January 12, 2016.

The 8 credits count toward Harvard Extension School’s undergraduate degree program in which students study part time on campus and online to earn a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in extension studies from Harvard University.

CORe for noncredit. Students with bachelor’s degrees who are interested in pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts in management or finance may complete the noncredit version of CORe as part of the degree admissions process. With successful completion of the noncredit version of CORe plus one Harvard Extension School graduate-level organizational behavior or business rhetoric course with a grade of B+ or higher, students will be eligible for admission to the Master of Liberal Arts in management or finance program.

“CORe was designed to teach the fundamentals of business to college students and working professionals to prepare them for success in their careers,” says HBS professor Bharat Anand, faculty chair of Harvard Business School Online. “Our relationship with Harvard Extension School to offer academic credit for CORe can provide a great benefit to students. We know that many CORe participants are currently pursuing their degrees and for many, allowing them to apply CORe toward their degree at Harvard Extension School or their home institution will make attainment of that degree much easier.”

“We are thrilled to be able to add this Harvard Business School Online course taught by Harvard Business School faculty to our growing Harvard Extension School curriculum of 700 courses. CORe exposes our students to business fundamentals taught by faculty at the world’s premier business school, making an excellent course available for credit to our 14,000 Extension School students as well as students from other institutions that grant transfer credit,” says Huntington D. Lambert, dean of continuing education at Harvard University.

To apply for the credit option or the noncredit version of CORe, create an account on the Harvard Business School Online website.