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Laura Wilcox

Director of Business and Management Programs

  • Education

    Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Extension Studies, field: Management

Laura Wilcox

Why I teach Management at Harvard Extension School

Through family values, curiosity, travel, and hard work, I understand and appreciate the impact education and global citizenship can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large. I am passionate about bringing Harvard to the world and the world to Harvard to creating meaningful and lasting impact to solve many problems we face today.

My interest and curiosity are focused on how we can be our best selves, both personally and professionally, and create the impact we wish to have in the world. It is a lofty goal, but one worth exploring. It is much easier to solve business problems than people problems and leadership requires that you do both! The only person we can control is ourselves. Therefore, how can we gain an awareness of ourselves, our impact, and improve? Through the Extension School classes and courses I teach, I offer tools and strategies to support your life long personal and professional development.

My grandmother was a teacher and she used to say education and travel will make you rich – maybe not financially, but in character. It is a gift that you give to yourself, your kids, and your community that can never be taken away or lost.

Working with students

When I was an advisor, I encouraged a student to take courses that were outside of his comfort zone. He was concerned that his GPA might be impacted if he deviated from his academic strengths. I noted that attending school could be a safe environment to explore and expand your horizons. And your grades are yours and yours alone to see – only you know what you learned and how you were stretched. Therefore, stretch and expand as much as you can to help create the greatest impact.

As he walked across the stage to pick up his diploma, he shook my hand with tears in his eyes. After the graduation ceremony, he introduced me to his family and thanked me for my advice. He was exposed to new interests, hidden talents, and professional opportunities because he choose to work hard and get out of his comfort zone.

More about Laura

Laura has been in academia for over two decades at the intersection of business, innovation, and education at MIT, MIT Sloan, and Harvard. Throughout her career in higher education management, she has a proven track record of leading people and teams, driving new initiatives, advising students/faculty/industry leaders, and creating new programs and products.

Her background and teaching experience, converge in her current role as the Director of Management and Finance Programs at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education. In addition, Laura has taught courses and executive education programs in the areas of organizational behavior, leadership, and decision making to those in government, education, and the private and public sector of industry.