How did the accessibility or flexibility of HES help you in your journey?

Most of my classmates at HES already have incredible careers working with and for some of the best companies in the world.

Yet most of us seek another degree because we believe in the power of knowledge and are committed to lifelong learning.

However, we can’t all leave our careers to study full time at a university. HES meets us on one side of this bridge and helps us cross it.

Harvard has an incredible collaborative community. Everyone wants to help you succeed. 

By giving us access to renowned professors, state-of-the-art resources, and groundbreaking research, HES gives us the opportunity to fuse real-life experience with academic excellence. I was lucky enough to spend two semesters on campus.

The connections, learnings, and memories made on these grounds will stay in my heart forever.

Meeting professors and classmates in person after only seeing them through squares on a screen was transformational.

What was your capstone project?

I completed a capstone project in psychometrics. During the course of a year, I researched stress and burnout and created a stress-management system that combines stress detection, personalization, and gamification with industry knowledge to help people better cope with stress.

My project is an early-stage start-up incubating at Harvard Innovation Labs. 

What’s something unexpected that you learned about Harvard? 

The collaboration. Harvard has an incredible collaborative community. Everyone wants to help you succeed. 

What are you going to miss the most about HES? 

This is a tough one. But I think access to the Hollis library catalog, as crazy as this sounds. I have accessed Hollis almost every day for three years. It is the ultimate resource of my research. 

Describe your HES experience in one word.