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Jennifer Cole

Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

  • Education

    PhD, Syracuse University

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About Jennifer Cole

Dr. Jennifer Cole is on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in their master of arts in sustainable energy. She also serves as assistant professor in the liberal arts program of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Prior to that, Cole was a preceptor in Harvard University’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and had been director of the environmental studies program at Northeastern University for 15 years. She has also taught at Tufts University.

Cole has published extensively in the fields of wetlands, agriculture, and energy education and has written books on natural disasters. She holds a PhD from Syracuse University in earth sciences, specializing in groundwater geochemistry.

She is currently working on research papers on the sustainability ramifications of meat consumption in China. She also serves as conservation commissioner in the Town of Otis, Mass., and as expert witness in Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act cases. She was senior hydrologist at Weston and Sampson Engineers, Inc., and is principal at her private consulting firm, Rivers Consulting.

She serves at the national level on Geological Society of America’s committees for geoloft and public policy, geoheritage, and geology in education. She has given many invited talks, including for the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Summit, the Geological Society of America, and the Weston Observatory. She represented Harvard’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the White House on two occasions.