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As a candidate in our program, you have the opportunity to secure a composite letter of recommendation for your medical or dental school application through sponsorship. The composite letter of recommendation is a narrative highlighting your overall academic and personal strengths.

Note: Most veterinary schools do not require such a letter; however, we will provide the pre-health advisor committee letter required by Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Sponsorship Requirements

Once you are admitted to the Premedical Program, you must meet the requirements listed below to qualify for sponsorship.

  • Complete your assigned number of credits with grades of B or higher in specific medical sciences courses at Harvard Extension School or Harvard Summer School. The assignment (made at point of admission) is based on your undergraduate GPA and prior experience in the sciences, and reflects what we believe will be required to make you a competitive applicant to medical or dental school.

    Search For Courses

    To find courses that apply toward the premedical field, use DCE Course Search and Registration:
    • Scroll through the search filters to “Courses in Premedical Program.”
    • Click “Explore Program” in the next panel.
  • Consult the Premedical Program (PMP) office at least once every term. We need to get to know you as an individual in order to write a strong, personalized letter. It is critical that you meet with us often and attend the many PMP webinars and on-campus events throughout the semester.
  • Notify the Premedical Program director in writing of your intent to apply to medical or dental school, listing courses completed and courses to be completed, no later than September 30 of the year preceding application.
  • Finish all prerequisites by the end of the summer in which you are applying to medical or dental school.
  • Earn a MCAT/DAT score in the 75th percentile or higher in all subject categories.
  • Pay the $500 sponsorship fee.

If your grades or MCAT/DAT scores need improvement, you are advised to wait a year, during which time you must continue taking medical sciences courses at Harvard.

Failure to meet any deadline or requirement may delay sponsorship of your application for that year. If you delay or defer your medical school/dental school application beyond your completion of the program, you may be considered for sponsorship the following year, if, and only if, you continue taking medical sciences courses at Harvard each term.

Advising note: It is important to stress that, even with sponsorship, you should manage your expectations of gaining acceptance into medical/dental school. As you know, professional school acceptance committees place a strong emphasis on academic performance. In addition to an MCAT/DAT in the 75th percentile and higher, you must also have a competitive combined undergraduate and program GPA as well as extracurricular clinical and/or research experiences.