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Business Management Microcertificates

  • Number of Courses


  • Time to Completion

    1 to 3 semesters

  • Microcertificate Cost


Build specialized management skills in 2-course microcertificates.

Whether you’re looking to learn a new management tool or build upon your current experience, our management microcertificates can help you reach your goals.

Strong leaders are an essential part of many workplaces. In our curated collection of 2-course management microcertificate for 2023-24, you can build skills to be an effective leader.

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    Accelerated. Earn a Harvard credential in 2 courses.

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    Stackable. Apply courses toward a graduate certificate — or degree.

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    Actionable. Gain a new skill set for real-world impact.

Project Management Methodologies Microcertificate

The Project Management Methodologies Microcertificate will provide you with the frameworks and hands-on application needed to successfully guide project development from start to finish. This microcertificate is an excellent option for anyone involved in project management as well as those looking to transition into a project management role.

You will gain fluency in applying Agile, waterfall, and Scrum methodologies and frameworks to a team-based setting.

Courses (Select 2)

Stackable Pathway

The microcertificate courses can stack toward the Project Management 4-course graduate certificate.

Skills & Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Project Management Methodologies Microcertificate, you will be able to choose the best approach to successfully engage all stakeholders in the project process. The microcertificate may help you build the skills to excel in such roles as project manager, team lead, director, or consultant.

Wellbeing at Work Microcertificate

What does it mean to be motivated, happy, and engaged? How can this be promoted in work cultures? In this two-course microcertificate, you’ll apply the research on happiness and well-being to work settings to actively engage in and promote balance, engagement, positivity, and happiness in organizational settings.

This microcertificate is a great choice for anyone who leads others or is looking to transition into a managerial role, as well as for anyone who wants to engage and motivate others.


Stackable Pathway

The microcertificate courses can stack toward the 4-course Organizational Behavior graduate certificate.

Skills & Outcomes

By reviewing the science behind psychological happiness, wellbeing, and the impact on business success and employee performance, you:

  • Learn strategies to encourage high productivity and high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Practice promoting and evaluating psychological safety in business settings.

After completing the microcertificate, you will have the tools to inspire high levels of productivity, employee satisfaction, and engagement in your employees. You will have the skills needed to pursue various careers in workplace culture, including roles in human resources, executive coaching or consulting, ombudsman, and employee relations.

Starting and Completing a Microcertificate

To begin, you simply register for your first course for the microcertificate — no application required.

To earn the microcertificate, you will complete two microcertificates courses at the graduate level and with a grade of B or higher, within one year — a total of three semesters. This short timeline will support momentum and reinforce the learning between the two related courses.

To request your microcertificate, log in to MyDCE and complete the Certificate Course Tracker and Request Form. You must request your certificate within 30 days of the release of your final grade in your last microcertificate course (see calendar for dates). If you do not request your microcertificate after this deadline, it won’t be awarded until the next awarding cycle, which is at the end of the subsequent semester. 

Cost of a Microcertificate

Learning on a budget doesn’t have to mean compromising on your goals. Our 2-course microcertificates cost $6,440 ($3,220 per course), making it an affordable alternative or stepping stone to a longer academic program.


What is a management microcertificate?

A management microcertificate is a set of short, competency-based courses you complete to gain and demonstrate mastery of business management topics.

  • A short timeline. Other continuing education options, like master’s degrees, can be a significant time commitment and may not fit life or your goals. Microcertificates allow you delve into highly focused topic and earn a graduate-level credential with only 2 courses.
  • Stackability. Our management microcertificates are designed to stack with at least one graduate certificate. They are also stackable toward certain master’s degrees.
  • A verified Harvard credential. Harvard confers CeCertificates, an official, secure, and verifiable PDF version of your accomplishment. You can share it with your colleagues, employers, or friends and family. You also have the option to provide your Certified Electronic Document Identifier and validation URL on your resume for easy access.

Who should enroll in a management microcertificate?

Managers and leaders across fields and industries looking to increase employee satisfaction and team productivity or fill skill gaps in project management can benefit from a microcertificate.

For those aiming to fast-track their professional growth, microcertificates are specifically crafted to help career accelerators cultivate a focused skill set promptly. At the same time, they serve as a valuable resource for individuals committed to lifelong learning, facilitating their educational pursuits.

How do I get my microcertificate?

Harvard confers CeCertificates, an official, secure, and verifiable PDF version of your accomplishment. Share it with your colleagues, employers, or friends and family. You also have the option to provide your Certified Electronic Document Identifier and validation URL on your resume for easy access.

Who teaches the management microcertificate courses at Harvard?

The courses featured in the microcertificates are taught by Harvard Extension School instructors, who teach across Harvard as experts in management practices, organizational behavior, finance, marketing, and more. They bring a genuine passion for teaching — students give our faculty an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Visit our faculty page to meet some of them.

How will a microcertificate in management help me improve my career or company?

Completion of a management microcertificate shows proficiency in specific industry competencies — such as the methodologies and frameworks of project management and promoting a happy and engaging work culture — while earning academic credit. In a semester or two, you can upskill or reskill to demonstrate initiative and develop new skills in your place of business.

How many hours will I spend on a management microcertificate each week?

The amount of time you’ll spend on a management microcertificate varies from class to class and student to student. Generally, outside of the time spent in class, students spend 8 to 10 hours doing work for a HES class.

Who do I contact with questions?

We are here to help. Send us an email at