How has your HES journey changed or shaped you?

I earned my master’s degree in Software Engineering and a graduate certificate in Web Technologies and completed the program remotely in Virginia.

This journey changed my life in so many ways. Before enrolling, I worked in the healthcare industry and was stuck on a path I felt would be tough to deviate from.

Finally, with support from my friends and family, I concluded that if I wanted to do something I was passionate about, I should stop contemplating and go all in. I came across this program that conveniently allowed me to work and take classes full-time.

This program taught me the depths of my reserves are limitless.

I am amazed by how much I have learned, developed, and accomplished in just two years.

Between work and school for the past two years, I found strength from those around me, which fueled my tenacity to continue.

I can confidently say that the person who started this program two years ago is not the person I am today. I am instilled with more confidence, peace of mind, and knowledge.

Reflecting on my first and last courses and the breadth of knowledge, coding, and work completed, I am amazed by how much I have learned, developed, and accomplished in just two years.

I discovered my true passions and then was given the opportunity and tools to make those passions come to life.

What was your capstone project?

I completed a capstone project for Wildtrack. We developed a web application composed of a modular UI and backend microservices.

The impact is that Wildtrack can now use this application to scale to as many users as they want with the infrastructure and foundation we created.

What’s something unexpected that you learned about Harvard?

An unexpected fact is that while Harvard is one of the oldest universities in the United States, it does not have a specific founding date like many other institutions.

The University’s origins can be traced back to 1636, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony voted to establish a college in the colony. However, the precise date of Harvard’s founding still needs to be documented; it is believed to be sometime in 1636 or early 1637.

This unique aspect adds an intriguing historical mystery to Harvard’s rich legacy.

What are you going to miss most about HES?

I will miss the people I met and the growth we experienced as a group. I met so many amazing people with so many stories to tell, from all around the world. I built bonds with people that I will not forget.

Describe your HES experience in one word.