How has your Harvard Extension School (HES) experience helped you throughout your career journey?

Harvard Extension School has been a symbolic key to unlocking numerous leadership opportunities, breaking through barriers, and elevating my professional trajectory.

As a family medicine trained ER physician, my exposure to leadership training was limited, but HES equipped me with a 360 panoramic view, enhancing my ability to positively influence organizational culture and clinical outcomes within the Veterans Affairs system.

What were some of your favorite HES courses and what made them valuable to you?

The coursework at HES has been instrumental in refining my leadership skills. Courses such as Advanced Public Speaking and Professional Presenting by Jill Slye have immensely impacted my oration skills, elevating me to another level of erudition.

Gender, Leadership, and Management by Patricia Deyton was another transformative course every woman at HES should take. It has personally revolutionized my thinking about leadership as a woman of color.

Emotional Intelligence for Impact by Laura Wilcox and Lynn Larsen has significantly elevated my emotional intelligence quotient, making me a more emotionally impactful leader.

The faculty at HES are professors par excellence, truly embodying distinction in both their expertise and teaching methods. I value most their commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment.

Students at Harvard Yard.
Erhime Badejo (third from right) with classmates in Harvard Yard.

How did you fit your education into your life?

One of the core strengths of HES is its flexibility, allowing individuals like me, balancing demanding professional and personal commitments, to pursue advanced education without sacrificing quality.

While juggling responsibilities as a mother of three, a wife, and a full-time physician, I found the HES program to be accessible and accommodating, reinforcing the belief that with determination, anyone can pursue their educational aspirations.

What’s next for you in your career?

Looking ahead, I am committed to continuing my journey as a servant leader, leveraging my experiences and knowledge gained at HES to make a positive impact on my community and beyond.

My advice to new students: come with an open heart and prepare to evolve into a higher and better version of yourself.

Describe your Extension experience in one word.


It is the evolution from an egg to a caterpillar, to a pupa, to becoming a beautiful butterfly. HES has empowered me to evolve into a more effective leader, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and perspective needed to lead meaningful change in both my professional and personal spheres. Despite the challenges of leadership, HES has equipped me for success.