How has your HES experience helped you throughout your career journey? How do you expect it to impact your next steps?

Harvard was always a dream.

I wasn’t sure how, I didn’t know when; yet from my childhood there was a deep-seated desire to experience education at one of the world’s finest institutions and to benefit from the knowledge and associations that come with it.

In completing this journey, it’s opened a new realm of possibilities — not just for myself, but also for others who have similar dreams.

In pursuit of being both a pastor and psychologist, my studies at HES have given me a unique framework for understanding the science of mind.

With the flexibility built into the degree, I was able to customize my program to meet my current and future needs, while still experiencing the academic rigor and excellence of the Harvard community.

The company of people I met and built relationships with was a game changer. From exceptional instructors to energizing classmates and encouraging counselors, some have left beautiful impressions on me that will last a lifetime.

It really felt like there was a camaraderie that spanned the entire campus.

Conversations that occurred inside and outside of the classroom helped me to see many things more clearly. The classes equipped me to think on a higher level.

My standards were heightened and my convictions deepened. 

My experience also gave me the wherewithal to better appreciate quality scholarship and the tools to be able to participate in meaningful discussion around it. I am confident that moving forward, I can tackle every academic and professional endeavor.

Completing this degree means a great deal to me because before being admitted into HES, I had only a general idea of what I wanted to spend the next decades of my life doing.

I knew I was interested in the mind. I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I wanted God to direct my steps. I came to realize that whatever I did, theology and psychology would be the emphasis.

Fast forward a few years later, everything has come together into a clear vision and my foundation has become stronger than ever. 

What did you do for your capstone?

For my capstone in psychometrics, I designed and built a website that makes financial literacy more approachable for K-12 students of varying abilities and backgrounds.

Through my experience at HES, I found that attainment in a given path is guided by awareness of and access to the right information.

In applying principles of psychology with educational strategies, the project is an effort to help young learners gain valuable tools in a fundamental area of life and then use what they learn to build a brighter future.

What’s something unexpected that you learned about Harvard? 

One thing I did not expect to find was the strong sense of community.

I was privileged to spend two summers at Harvard and during those semesters, I connected with people not only through HES, but also the Graduate School of Design, Divinity School, and more.

It really felt like there was a camaraderie that spanned the entire campus. 

What are you going to miss the most about HES?

I will miss the faculty, students, and the overall environment. Hopefully some of the relationships will continue, but I will also greatly miss the abundance of resources available at my fingertips through the university.

For students still enrolled or seeking admission, I encourage you to take full advantage of Hollis Library, labs, societies, and other opportunities while you can. It goes by fast!  

Describe your HES experience in one word.