Video Summary

Adela Lami is a professional ballet and ballroom dancer originally from Albania. She moved to New York City alone at 19 years old and began a career in dance. Over the years, she has appeared on several TV shows in both Albania and the United States, including Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

Adela believes that dancing has shaped her personality and drive. Encouraged by her parents, she pursued both dance and academics, completing an undergraduate degree in political science. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she discovered the Harvard Extension School and decided to pursue a master’s degree in government.

Adela values the knowledge and prestigious degree she has earned, but she is most impressed by the people she has met, including both classmates and professors. These connections have broadened her perspective and reinforced her desire to continue learning.

Adela aspires to earn additional degrees, believing that knowledge helps break down stereotypes and fosters understanding. She rejects being confined to one role, embracing her identities as a dancer, partner, friend, political scientist, and campaign manager. She finds empowerment in the ability to transform and diversify her life.

Adela describes her educational journey as challenging but rewarding, comparing it to an audition where hard work and perseverance lead to the ultimate role of a lifetime: achieving her degree.