This year has already brought with it immense change. As we continue to forge ahead, Harvard Extension remains committed to bringing flexible, accessible opportunities to every person with the drive to continue their education.

The health of our students, staff, and faculty is the main priority. All Extension courses through spring 2021 will be hosted online. As a pioneer in online learning, we’re especially well equipped to bring high-quality, rigorous curriculum to distance learners around the world.

Additionally, this year we’re announcing several new graduate certificates. We’re also introducing undergraduate certificates for those who want introductory-level education on a particular topic.

Plus, we’re launching the Academic Gap Year for recent high school students and young adults who are still figuring out how they want to spend their college careers.

Harvard Extension to Go Online Through Spring 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering all of our 2020-21 courses online. Our staff and faculty are well prepared for this temporary shift, and we look forward to serving you throughout the next term.

“This decision was made first and foremost to help ensure the health and safety of our students and our community,” said Suzanne Spreadbury, dean of academic programs. “Second, as an early adopter and national leader in distance education, we are perfectly positioned to offer an outstanding, world-class academic experience online, with no compromise on quality.”

Additionally, Spreadbury announced a temporary change to our on-campus requirements for degree candidates.

“We have evolved and reimagined the on-campus requirement as a live, active learning requirement,” she said “The requirement for the 2020-21 academic year only can be fulfilled by coursework delivered in the live web-conference format. These courses provide real-time engagement with faculty and peers, which meets the spirit of the on-campus requirement until it is safe for us to return to in-person learning here in Cambridge.”

New Academic Gap Year

If you’re thinking about college but aren’t quite ready to dive in yet, the Academic Gap Year might be a good way to test the waters.

Through this brand new undergraduate experience, students can spend a semester engaged in challenging online courses with Harvard faculty and industry experts. Plus, they can prepare for the rigors of academic life with skill-building webinars, resources, and access to Harvard University libraries.

Introducing Undergraduate Certificates

Completing a bachelor’s degree is a huge feat, no matter your age. This year, we’re expanding our certificate offerings to include undergraduate certificates for students who want to experience a field before making a commitment, or prepare themselves for their next professional or academic step.

Credits earned for undergraduate certificates may apply toward a bachelor’s degree at Harvard Extension.

Undergraduate Coding Certificate

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming, and gain an introductory understanding of the tools needed for software engineering, database management, and website development.

Undergraduate Introduction to Web Development Certificate

Learn CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP, plus various tools and frameworks to build websites from front-end to back-end.

Undergraduate Professional Communications Certificate

Whether you’re preparing for school or a career, this certificate helps students master the written and spoken word.

Undergraduate Social Justice Certificate

Explore the theories and principles of social justice. Learn to critically examine the constructs and factors that lead to inequities, and how to dismantle them.

Three New Graduate Certificates

Students pursuing graduate studies can build their skills with a shorter term commitment, or earn a certificate on their way to a master’s degree to specialize their studies. This year, we have three new options:

Topics in Biology Graduate Certificate

Designed for students with a basic understanding of biology and chemistry, this certificate allows you to deepen your understanding of topics that interest you the most, whether you’re interested in cutting-edge science or established fields.

Topics in Human Behavior Graduate Certificate

Understand human emotion, resilience, motivation, and bias. Students can explore theories and research to understand behaviors, mental illnesses, and potential treatments.

Math Leadership Graduate Certificate

For math teachers and administrators who want to become leaders in their field, this credential covers program design, teacher development, and strategies to drive school improvement efforts.